User settings

Control your personal settings for your Synthesia account.

As a Synthesia user, you have access to specific settings. To access your user settings, go in the upper right corner of the Synthesia application and select the user initials drop-down menu:

User Account info

Use the user account info section to:

  • Set a profile picture for your Synthesia account, this picture is displayed to other workspace members when editing a video.
  • Change your first and last name
  • Log out from all devices.
  • Get access to the Synthesia privacy policy.


Change your account email address

Reach out to Synthesia support team to change the email address associated with your Synthesia account.

User Preferences

Choose different preference settings for your Synthesia account:

  • Product notifications: Receive email notifications when you video generation is ready and when someone leaves a comment on one of the videos that you own.
  • Updates: Receive notifications about Synthesia platform updates.
  • Appearance: Customize how Synthesia looks on your device (For now only Light mode is supported).

User Integrations

API keys


Synthesia APIs are available to Creator plans or above.

Create an API key to use Synthesia API.

If it's your first time with Synthesia API, follow the API quickstart guide to get you started.

Overdub integration


The overdub integration is a Enterprise feature

Descript overdub can be used in Synthesia videos by setting connecting overdub through Settings > Integrations