Billing & Usage

Manage your Synthesia billing and usage.

As a user on a Starter or Creator plan (Monthly/Annual) you are able to to view your real-time Synthesia Usage balance.


To access the usage section navigate to User Settings > Billing

From here you are able to see:

  • The current plan associated to your account.
  • The next payment date for your plan.
  • The number of minutes you have used on the current billing period. This number is reset at the start of each billing period.
  • The Web and Studio avatar count for your account (if on an annual plan).
    Avatar allowance is consumed when a custom avatar is created. If you are looking to purchase extra custom avatars, contact the Synthesia Support Team.

Usage alerts

If you are approaching your plan minutes quota, Synthesia gives you usage alerts in the main menu:

and upon generating a new video:

If you don't have enough minutes to generate a new video, the generation fails and the following error is displayed:

Plan management

Access your billing information by going to Settings > Billing Information where you are able to:

  • Upgrade/downgrade your Synthesia plan.
  • Change your payment methods.
  • Change your billing address.
  • Change your VAT information
  • See your previous invoices.

Upgrade/Downgrade your plan

To upgrade/downgrade your Synthesia plan:

  1. Go to your Settings > Billing section
  2. Select Upgrade to upgrade your plan, select Downgrade to downgrade your plan.

See the Synthesia pricing page to discover all Synthesia plans available.

Payment methods

For Starter & Creator plans Synthesia accept payments through all major debit and credit card providers and direct debit.

For Enterprise plans: Synthesia accept credit cards and bank/wire transfers.

Note that Synthesia do not accept payments through PayPal, cryptocurrency, or any alternative payment methods

If you are experiencing any issues regarding payments, including double charges or issues with changing a payment method, contact Synthesia support team.

Billing Settings

SettingDescriptionPersonal planWorkspacesOrganizations
Default license for new membersChoose the default license for new members upon joining the workspace.
Prevent workspace admins from approving license upgradesWhether only organization admins are able to approve license upgrade requests sent by workspace members and guests.