Chose music for your scene.

Adding music to your Synthesia video enhances engagement and sets the tone.

To start using music in your scene:

  1. Access Music: Turn on the Music toggle from the toolbar on the right.
  2. Select Music: Choose from your music asset library or the Soundstripe library. Use the search bar to find specific tracks and preview them.
  3. Add Music: Click "Add" to insert the selected track into your scene.

Once music is added:

  • Control its volume: The music volume is set to 18% by default.
  • Loop the music: Decide to loop or not the music when it reaches its end on a given scene.

Note: If you added the same music to successive scenes, the music continues between scenes.

Music upload

Upload your own music to Synthesia to use it in your scene.

To upload your music in your scene either do it from the music panel, or directly in your asset library. Supported formats include mp3, .wav, .ogg, .aac, and .flac.