Organization settings

Control all setting for your Synthesia organisation.


Organization are only available for Synthesia Enterprise plans.

Organization allows you to easily manage multiple workspaces as a single entity.

Organization General

Use the General section in the organization settings menu to set the name for the organization.

Control also the settings for the following features:

  • Ai writing assistant: Enabling AI writing features in the video editor.
  • Video analytics: Capturing of analytics on all published videos.
  • Custom avatars & Voices: Allowing the creation of custom avatars & voice clones for the members.
  • One-click translations: Creation of translations on all videos for members.

For each feature chose between:

  • No one can use it.
  • Everyone can use it.
  • Only specific workspace and their associated member in this workspace can use it.

Delete your organization

Reach out to Synthesia support team to ask for your organization deletion. When the organization is deleted, all workspaces and the content within them are deleted permanently for all members. It's not possible to restore the content afterwards.

Organization Collaboration

Control your organization discoverability with the Allowed domain setting. Users with the specified domains are able to discover workspaces within the organization if they’re not hidden.

In addition to the allowed domain setting the following one can be toggled on or off:

Setting nameDescriptionDefault
Disable guestsPrevent anyone from inviting new guests from outside the workspace to
Disable member invitesPrevent members from inviting new members from outside the
Disable workspace creationPrevent members from creating new workspaces within the
Disable video publishingPrevent anyone from publishing a video and making it publicly

Organization Members

List of all organization members across all underlying workspaces with license type and role per workspace.

Click on Add members in the upper right corner to add new members to your organization by specifying their email address. You must specify the workspace the users joins upon sending the invitation.

For a given member:

  • See which workspace the member is a part of and invite the member to another workspace.
  • Control the license associated to the user between Full and Restricted.

Leveraging the 3-dot menu on the right side of a user you can:

  • Promote/revoke the user to organization admin role.
  • Remove the user from the organization and all linked workspace.

Organization Workspaces

List of all workspaces within the organisation with their membership counts.
Click on Create workspace in the upper right corner of the modal to create a new workspace.

Select the 3-dot menu on the right side of a workspace name to:

  • Invite a new member to this workspace
  • Go to the setting page for this workspace
  • Delete this workspace.