Add shapes to your video scene.

Synthesia allows the addition and customization of shapes to enhance your video scene.

Adding Shapes

Click the Shape icon at the top of the video edit page then select from the available shape options to place it on the screen. Available shapes are:

To add a shape to your scene:

  1. Click the shape button in the top toolbar.
  2. Choose your shape
  3. Drag then and place the shape on your scene.

Styling Shapes

To change the styling of your shape, select the shape and use the right-hand menu to customize it.

Shapes have the following parameters that can be set thanks to the right-side panel after selecting them:

  1. Fill: Change the shape filling color.
  2. Border: Change the shape border color and thickness.
  3. Shadow: Add a shadow style and visibility to the shape.
  4. Opacity: Adjust the visibility of the shape.