Record your voice to use it in your video.


Custom Voices is available for Enterprise plan only.

The Voices section displays all voices available. Click on Preview to hear how it sounds.

Create a new voice

Voice definition

To create a new voice in Synthesia:

  1. Click on New voice in the Voices section.
  2. Enter the following information:
    1. Voice name: The name of the voice to be displayed in the video editor language selection.
    2. Language: The language of your voice, only English is supported for now.
    3. Gender: With which avatar gender this voice should be displayed.
  3. Click on Start Recording

Voice recording


Recording handbook

Watch the recording handbook to achieving a realistic voice

On the recording page, you must record at least 12 paragraphs of text. For each paragraph you should:

  1. Click on record to start your voice recording.
  2. Press Stop when done reading.
  3. If the recording is not successful, select Record again.

Recording outcomes

During your voice recording, once a paragraph is validated, you have one of the following outcomes:

βœ… PassedMinimal background noise, recording almost matches the scriptNone needed - you're ready to go! πŸŽ‰
❌ Failed - Due to NoiseThis outcome will occur if background noise detectedRe-record your paragraphs
❌ Failed - Due to speech recognitionThis outcome will occur if significant mismatch detected between the recording and the paragraph text (if accuracy is at least 70% then mismatching words will be underlined)Re-record your paragraphs
❌ Failed - Due to Speaker:A mismatching speaker was detected between the consent and the paragraphRe-record your paragraphs with the correct speaker
❌ ErrorThe sample validation service, is either unavailable or failed for some reason (recording can be re-submitted without re-recording)Recording can be re-submitted without re-recording
❌ TimeoutThis will be when the UI does not receive a validation response within a minute, you can resolve this with the recording being re-submittedRecording can be re-submitted without re-recording


Perfect voice score

The Voice Score and the number of paragraphs in their various states (i.e not recorded, validated, processing, failed) can be found at the top of the page.

Make sure your voice score is as high as possible in order to maximise the quality of your custom voice.

Submission and consent

After recording the required number of paragraphs, click on Submit your voice at the top right of the screen to start the submission process.

In order to validate the submission, the voice owner needs to record their consent accordingly. The consent contain a unique passphrase that is randomly generated.
Validated consent cannot be re-recorded and it is important that the passphrase recording has to exactly match the passphrase for the consent to be accepted.

Once your consent has been processed, click Generate and your voice will be ready in a few minutes.

Using a custom voice

Once your voice is generated you can use it in your videos like any other voices by going into the Custom voices section:

After you selected it once. The voice can be used in all 29 supported languages!

Voice cloning supported languages

English / Hindi / Portuguese / Chinese / Spanish / French / German / Japanese / Arabic / Russian / Korean / Indonesian / Italian / Dutch / Turkish / Polish / Swedish / Filipino / Malay / Romanian / Ukrainian / Greek / Czech / Danish / Finnish / Bulgarian / Croatian / Slovak / Tamil