Browse Synthesia avatars, customise them to your needs, and even create your own custom ones.

All avatars available in your Synthesia account are displayed on the Avatars page. Synthesia stock avatars are created from video footage of real actors who have given their consent.

Some avatars have a purple star logo next to them to signal that they are Synthesia new generation of expressive avatars. Synthesia expressive avatars are more natural with a wider range of movement and the ability to express better sentiment based on the context of the script, allowing for more immersion within your video projects.

To preview your avatar to better understand how it sounds, look in motion, and test different languages (English, German, Spanish, Italian, and French):

  1. Hover on the avatar your want to preview.
  2. Click Preview

Create an avatar

Click on the + Create Avatar in the upper left corner of the page in order to create a custom avatar:

Chose between:

  • Customize an existing Synthesia avatar with the Avatar builder.
  • Record a custom avatar with the Personal avatar.
  • Create a custom avatar by uploading a set of Studio level recording.

Avatar builder

After selecting the Avatar builder option, you need to:

  • Choose the existing Synthesia avatar you want to customize
  • Pick a colour for the avatar cloth/
  • Insert the logo you want to display on your avatar

Select Preview to have a short preview of what your avatar may look like and when happy with the results click on Generate Avatar to launch the avatar creation.

Personal avatars

Personal Avatars allow you to create Avatars using your own likeness, background and voice. You can then use these in videos on Synthesia for a more personalized experience.
See the Personal Avatars documentation to learn more about how to create one and the best practices when capturing your footage.

Studio avatars

Submit your own recording to create a studio quality custom avatar.

Follow the requirements to submit your custom avatar in order to leverage this feature to its maximum.