User roles & permissions

Manage user roles and their associated permissions.


User roles & permissions are only available for Synthesia Enterprise plans

Roles are an important part of managing users in Synthesia. A person's role determines what they can access within Synthesia. This includes settings, workspace, library, avatars & voices. There are three roles:

  • Admin: Management of the Workspace / Organization.
  • Member: Access to the whole Workspace.
  • Guest: Access to specific videos to which the user has been invited.
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Shared with meβœ…βœ…βœ…
Brand kitβœ…βœ…βŒ
Settingsβœ… (user + Workspace/Organization settings)βœ… (user + read-only Workspace settings )βœ… (user settings)


Organization Admins

Organization Admin members can:

  • Have access to Organization settings and Workspace settings of all Workspaces.
  • Promote and demote another user to / from org Admin role.
  • Change the role (Admin or member) of any user in any Workspace.
  • Can invite new users (as members or Admins) to any Workspace in the Organization.


  • Organization Admin configuration takes precedence over the Workspace Admin ones.
  • An Organization Admin has access to a workspace content only if they join that specific Workspace.

Workspace Admins

Workspaces Admin members can:

  • Have access to Workspace settings for the given workspace (general, security, styling, members).
  • Promote and demote another user to /from Workspace Admin role.
  • Change the role (Workspace Admin or member) of any user in the given workspace.
  • Invite new users to the given Workspace.
  • Approve license upgrade requests for members in the given Workspace (if allowed by Organization Admin).
  • Set the security feature toggles e.g. disable guests to make them more restrictive (if not set by the Organization Admin).


Members of a Synthesia Workspace can:

  • Have access to the Workspaces they are part of.
  • Create videos and take action on videos depending on sharing permission.
  • Have access to 3 sharing type on videos: Full Access, Owner and Commenter.
  • Have access to My Videos section, where all their private videos are stored.
  • Have access to Library, Avatars and Voices sections in Synthesia to upload custom content.


The Synthesia Guest role allows for better collaboration, including reviewing videos for both internal and external stakeholders.
For example, if you are working with a colleague from a different team or an external stakeholder, who needs to review one of your videos, add this user as a Guest and share the relevant video with them. This removes the need to export the video and share it with them separately.

When sharing a video with a Guest user, pick between two sharing roles:

  • Commenter: This allows the Guest user, on the shared video, to:
    • Comment the video
    • Have access to the video in Shared with me page.
    • Have access to the video in the Trash page if the video was deleted.
  • Full Access: This consumes/requires a Synthesia full license and allows the Guest user, on the shared video, to:
    • Edit and generate the video from the editor.
    • Move the video to any other Workspace they are a member of.


  • A Guest user can request an upgrade to member to see all videos in a workspace. Workspace Admins can approve or decline the request.
  • A Guest user can’t be a video owner as they can’t create videos themselves.
  • A Guest user is auto removed from the workspace when no video is shared with them.