Brand kits

Leverage a specific design in your video with Synthesia Brand Kits.


Brand kits are an Enterprise plan feature.

Applying a Brand Kit to your videos makes sure all assets in the video comes in priority form your brand. A Brand Kit:

  • Text font,
  • Color palettes,
  • Logos
  • Preferred avatars

A Brand Kit belongs to the Workspace and all users on that workspace have the ability to edit it.

Create a new Brand kit.

To create a new Brand kit:

  1. Select a font in the Text styles box. (Upload a custom font to use thanks to the Library page).
  2. Add the different brand colours of your brand kit.
  3. Select which avatars should be preferred.
  4. Upload your company logo. Note there is a primary for light mode and negative for dark mode.
  5. Click on Save.

Default Brand kit

Setting a brand kit as default automatically applies it on all newly created video.

To set a brand kit as default:

  1. Go In the Assets > Brand kit page.
  2. Use the 3-dot menu Set as default entry to set it as default.

Apply a Brand kit

On the video edit page, go in the upper left corner where you title is to open the video menu and select which brand kit you want to apply to this video

This automatically pre-sets colours, font, avatars, logo when editing your video assets.