Synthesia Templates

All synthesia templates available to create amazing video

Access templates

Access Synthesia templates from several different locations:

  • From the Top Bar on the Home Screen
  • From the template section in the left menu
  • When creating a new video
  • When adding a new scene

The template modal displays all available templates for your account.

Chose among the official Synthesia templates, or select Library to browse custom templates that have been created in your account.

Leverage the Size filtering in the upper right side of the modal to filter templates based on their video format between: Landscape / Portrait / Square


Click on a template to have better visibility on the different scene layouts it includes, from this new modal you can select:

  • Use this template to start creating a video with it.
  • Generate video to leverage this template with the AI assisted creation tool

Note: click on the Video preview if you would like to see how this templates would look like.

Templates Library

To access all custom templates available navigate to Library > Templates.

When clicking on the three dots options of a given template you can:

  • Copy ID: Copy the template ID to use it with Synthesia API.
  • Rename: To rename the template.
  • Move to: Move the template to another workspace.
  • Duplicate: Duplicate the template to create a copy of it.
  • Create Video: Create a new video from this template.
  • Delete: Move the template to the trash section.