Control your scene with text.

The script controls what is happening on your scene. Start your script by typing some text in any language you want.

Speaker & Voices


After writing a script, control the speaker, its voice, and tone on the left side of your script:

If you have more than one speaker in your scene, select which one should pronounce the sentence by selecting the avatar:

In this modal:

  • Clicking on the eye icon displays or not the avatar on the scene. Disable it if you just want the voice-over.
  • Selecting +New speaker allows you to pick a new avatar for your scene.


Select the voice for your speaker thanks to the pills on the left side of your script:

Choose between the 130+ Languages available or select your custom voices after having recorded it.

After choosing your language, pick the voice for your speaker:

Additional Script actions


Pauses pause the script for a defined period of time. Use them to play with your script rhythm.

To add a pause to your script right-click anywhere in the script box and select the Pause option. Alternatively, select the pause button on top of the script box. Adjust then the pause duration between 0.1s and 300s (default is 1 second)

Note: Pauses can be dragged and dropped to change their position within the script.


Use the diction feature to correct the phonetic spelling if certain words are mispronounced.

To modify the pronunciation of a word:

  1. Highlight the word in question and select Diction in the modal that appears, or select the Diction option from the script box icons:
  2. Type your pronunciation preference.
  3. Press enter.

Learn more about pronunciation, phonetic spelling and abbreviation in Synthesia Diction Guide .


With Gesture avatars, set manually in your script which gesture should your avatar do.

Available gestures are:

  • Nod: The avatar nods ones.
  • Head yes: The avatar moves its head twice up and down.
  • Head no: The avatar moves its head twice left and right.
  • Eyebrows up: The avatar raises its eyebrows.

AI video assistant


AI video assistant is available for Starter plans and above.

Select any text from your script then click on Edit with AI to activate the AI video assistant.

This uses the Synthesia AI to edit and transform your script text, empowering you to tailor the script of each scene precisely, ensuring your message is delivered in the tone, style, and length that best suits your audience and objectives. It enables you to:

  • Rewrite: Rewrite the selected script in the scene following a given prompt.
  • Make it longer/shorter: Make the selected script shorter or longer.
  • Change tone to: Change tone to Informative, Professional, Casual, Engaging, Entertaining.. or any given tone.
  • Summarize: Summarize the selected text

In addition to the Edit with AI presets, ask the AI to change or tweak your script as you wish by entering your own prompt.

After entering your prompt:

  1. Click on the left arrow on the right to launch the AI.
  2. Once done, select Replace to replace your selected script with the reworked wording.

Script preview

Click on the play button on the upper right side of the script box to launch a script preview.

Launching a scene preview:

  • Launches a voice-over of the script.
  • Animates all assets from the scene.
  • Doesn't animate avatars on screen.

If you have a long script, preview only part of your text by:

  1. Selecting the part you want to preview.
  2. Click on Preview on the modal that appeared.
    Alternatively, right click on the highlighted text and select Play from the menu.

Script variable

Script variables allow you to create customizable videos at scale. This can be achieved through the API, but can also be done through Synthesia UI.

To insert a variable into your script directly write a variable in the {{variable_name}} format. Alternatively right click anywhere in your script and select Variable:

After having added a variable you won't be able to generate your video, instead you must transform your video into a Template. After the template is generated and when creating a video from it, Synthesia prompts you for the variables value at the beginning of the video creation:

Enter your variable values and continue to edit your video like normal.

See the Guide: Create a video from template to learn how to leverage variables at scale with Synthesia APIs.

Custom Voices upload


Custom voices upload is a corporate feature

Instead of writing the script, you can upload a custom voice. To do so:

  1. Select upload in the script box
  2. Choose the desired file
  3. Click Open to upload the file.
  4. Select the Language of the audio file.

It is not possible to change the audio volume or playback speed.

You can upload a maximum of 5 minutes of audio per scene. Supported formats: .mp3, .flac, .wav.