Workspace Settings

Control your Synthesia workspace security, members, and Style.


Those features are only available for Synthesia Enterprise plans

Within Workspaces, there are several settings that you can customise to ensure you get the best experience for video creation and collaboration from Synthesia.

To access the workspace settings:

  1. Go in the upper left corner of the Synthesia app and select the workspace name dropdown menu.
  2. Select Settings.

Workspace General

Change the workspace icon and workspace name in this section as well as enabling/disabling workspace features settings:

Workspace SettingDescriptionDefault value
AI video assistantEnables AI video assistant features for all workspace members.on
Video analyticsEnables capturing of analytics on all published videos.on
Custom avatars & voicesEnables creation of custom avatars & voice clones for all workspace members.on
One-click translationsEnables translations on all videos for all workspace members.on
Animations with TriggersEnables Triggers instead of Markers to control animations for all workspace users.on

Workspace Collaboration

Workspace discoverability

Add a allowed domains to allow everyone with an email address from this domain to join the current workspace during signup. For users with specified domains and current organization members, this workspace is either:

  • Open: Users can see and join the workspace.
  • Hidden: Workspace is not visible to anyone. New members must be invited to join.

Workspace Invitations options

The following workspace invitation options can be enabled or disabled by a workspace admin:

Invitation optionDescriptionDefault value
Disable guestsPrevent anyone from inviting new guests from outside the workspace to videosoff
Disable member invitesPrevent members from inviting new members from outside the workspaceoff

Workspace permissions

The following workspace permission options can be enabled or disabled by a workspace admin:

Permission optionsDescriptionDefault value
Disable video publishingPrevent anyone from publishing a video and making it publicly
Disable content transferPrevent anyone from moving videos, folders and templates between different
Lock library and brand kitsPrevent anyone but admins from making changes to brand kits, templates, and media

Workspace Styling

Use the Workspace Styling section in order to control design elements of your video share page. Change the following elements:

  • Primary color: Changes the color of the call-to-action button.
  • Secondary color: Change the color of the call-to-action button text. Make sure it has enough contrast with the Primary color.
  • Logo: Upload your own logo to appear in the top-left corner of your share page. Uploading a PNG format with transparent background is recommended. Minimum recommended size is 200x80px.

Workspace member

List of all Workspace members with their license type and role.

Click on Invite members in the upper right corner to add new members to your workspace by specifying their email address. You must specify the roles (Admin/member) the users joins upon sending the invitation. Alternatively you can set an Allowed domains.

Leveraging the 3-dot menu on the right side of a user you can:

  • Remove the user from the workspace.

Workspace Danger zone

Leave the workspace you are in. You will lose access to all the content of the workspace, including your own.