Reference documentation about Synthesia APIs.


Synthesia APIs are available to Creator plans or above.

Welcome to the Synthesia API documentation. Leveraging Synthesia APIs allows you to:

  • Integrate Synthesia videos into your SaaS app: You have a sales outbound email app? A booking system? A modern e-learning platform? With Synthesia APIs you can enrich your application with ability for your customers to send personalised videos based on different events.
  • Automate your video creation process: Set up automated personalised videos throughout your customer lifecycle. Sign-up videos, customer onboarding videos, outbound sales videos.. check the Zapier - Synthesia guide to get started.
  • Generate personalised videos at scale: Leverage Synthesia video templates with the APIs to generate batches of video. Learn how to by checking the Create a video from template guide.

If it's your first time with Synthesia API, follow the API quickstart guide to get you started.

Test Synthesia APIs

Test Synthesia API directly from this documentation by:

  1. Passing your Synthesia API key in the header section. You can find your API key in Synthesia account settings.
  2. Using the endpoint description to craft your request
  3. Click on Try it! πŸš€

Rate limits

Synthesia APIs have the following rate limits:

EndpointRate limitis
Create video60 req/min ; 300/hour ; 1000/day
Update video60 req/min ; 300/hour ; 1000/day
Retrieve a video60req/min ; 40000 req/day
List videos60req/min ; 40000 req/day

If you go above the limits, Synthesia API responds with a status: 429 Too Many Requests with the following header parameters:

  • RateLimit-Limit: Telling you which limit has been breached, for example, "60" for 60 requests per minute limit

  • RateLimit-Reset: Telling you how many seconds you mus to wait before the next request.