My videos

All videos owned by you.

The My video page contains all videos and workspace folders that are owned by you. Unless you invited another member to comment or edit those video only you can see them.


All folders that are owned by you are private and visible only to you. Click on the three dots on the right side of a folder to:

  • New folder: Create a new folder within the selected one
  • Rename folder: Rename the current folder name
  • Move to: Move the folder to another folder within the current workspace of another workspace that you are part of.

Remove a folder

Select a folder then click on Remove to remove this folder from the My video section. Once removed the folder is still available in the Trash section for 30 days.


All videos that are owned and visible to you.

Video Edits

Click on the Edit button on the right side of your video to go to the video edit page.

Video actions

Click on the three dots on the right side of a video to get access to more actions.

If the video is still in draft mode, you can:

  • Invite: Invite another member to edit or comment the video.
  • Move to: Move the video within your Workspace folder structure or to
  • Duplicate: Create a copy of your video.
  • Translate: Create a localised copy of your video.
  • Save as a template: Transform your video scene layout into a template.

If the video has been generated in addition to the actions above you can:

  • Publish: Create a public shareable page for your video.
  • Download : Download your video as a .mp4 .
  • Download audio: Download your video audio as a .wav
  • Download subtitles: Download the caption / subtitles of your video as a .srt file

Remove a video

Select a video then click on Remove to remove this video from the Workspace. Once removed the video is still available in the Trash section for 30 days.

My video sorting, filtering and display

Use the sorting, ordering, filtering and display options in the upper right of the My video page list to more easily navigate your videos folders and videos.

My video sorting

Sort your folders and videos based on the following logics:

  • Alphabetical: Sorts folders displayed by alphabetical order
  • Date created: Sorts folders displayed by date of creation
  • Last update: Sorts folders displayed by date of last edit.

Each sort can be further configured with an ordering option:

  • From A to Z or Z-A for the alphabetical sort,
  • With oldest first or newest first with the Date created and Last updated sort.

My video filtering

Filter folders and videos depending of whether they have been created through:

  • Synthesia application
  • Synthesia APIs

My video display

Choose to display videos as icons or as a list.

  • Icon: Displays all videos with an emphasis on their associated thumbnail.
  • list: Display all videos as an array with key metadata: Title, length, creator, last edit date.