Create your first video with Synthesia API

Create and use your API key

To use Synthesia API, start by creating your API key:

  1. Go in the upper right corner of the Synthesia application and click on your account.
  2. Select Integrations
  3. Click on Add to add a new Synthesia API key.
  4. Copy this key thanks to the 3-dot button on the right side of your API key.

Enter the copied API key in the Authorization header of any endpoint to have it available. Click on Try it! in order to test the endpoint.

Create your first video

In the Synthesia API documentation enter the API key you copied from above in the Create a video endpoint section and enter the following value for the endpoint parameters (leave all other parameters to default value):

titleMy first Synthetic video
scriptTextHello, World! This is my first synthetic video, made with the Synthesia API!

Once done press the Try it!, if successful you should receive a 201-status code that looks like this:

Note: Store the video ID returned, it is required for the rest of the quick start, in the image above the id is: 00db5057-ad78-49ab-9e1d-00f1cd891273

Go into your Synthesia account under the My video section to confirm the newly created video:

Download the video

As soon as you create a video, Synthesia begins processing it. This can take from 3 to 5 minutes. Poll the Retrieve a video endpoint to see the video status:

When the video is ready for playback, the video status changes to complete, the response includes then a time-limited download link in the download attribute, use this link to download the video as an .mp4 with:

curl ${DOWNLOAD_URL} --output my_first_synthetic_video.mp4

And done! You have created your first video and downloaded it. Note that rather than polling Synthesia API, it is possible to configure a webhook to which Synthesia sends a notification when a video completes successfully. Refer to the Synthesia webhook API documentation to learn how to leverage it.

See the Synthesia detailed API reference to discover all possible calls and parameters.