Spaces & Backgrounds

Spatialise your scene by setting a background media

Scenes in your video always happen somewhere, select the proper background to leverage for your scene by either selecting a Space or a media background.


The "Space" feature in Synthesia simplifies the creation of realistic scenes by providing a variety of stylish and professional backgrounds. This feature allows you to enhance the video quality without extensive design experience.

  1. Navigate to your video and select "Space" from the top bar.
  2. Choose a Space: Browse or search for a space and click to apply it to your scene.

To delete a space from your scene, select it and press del.

Media Backgrounds

To benefit from a custom background in your scene:

  1. Turn on the background toggle in the right panel of the video edit page.
  2. Select the video or image you want to use from Synthesia stock library or from your custom media library.
  3. Alternatively: upload your own video or image you want to use.


  • The maximum size for uploaded images is 300MB
  • Supported format for uploaded images are: jpeg, png, svg.

Styling Spaces & backgrounds

As all Synthesia media, using the right-side menu you can further configure your scene background by:

  • Replacing it.
  • Cropping it.
  • Changing its opacity.
  • Changing its blur level.
  • Control its volume (if the background is a video).