You may configure webhooks in order to be notified of events that occur throughout the Synthesia system.

When an event occurs, we send an HTTP POST request to any active webhooks that are subscribed to the applicable type of event. We expect a non-error response code (1xx, 2xx or 3xx) within six seconds in order to consider event delivery a success. In the case that event delivery fails, we will retry twice over a ten-minute window.

In order that you might verify the events you receive were sent by Synthesia, we sign each event. To learn more about verifying this signature, see this guide.

Webhook Object KeysDescription
id stringUnique identifier for the webhook.
url stringURL to which we make the HTTP POST request.
status stringThe status of the webhook, either active or deleted.
secret stringThe webhook secret which is required to verify the signature we send you.

Note that this secret is only available at time of webhook creation.
createdAt integerUNIX timestamp representing the time the webhook was created.
lastUpdatedAt integerUNIX timestamp representing the time the webhook was last updated.