Templates are a feature in STUDIO that allow you to create rich content at scale. Templates may be created directly in STUDIO and may include all the features that it makes available; animated content, video backgrounds, etc.

This endpoint may be used to fetch information about the templates available to you, including the variables available for customisation.

Object KeysDescription
idType: String

Unique identifier for the template.
titleType: String

Title of the template.
descriptionType: String

Description of the template.
ctaSettingsType: Object

Settings for a call-to-action button.
ctaSettings.labelType: String

Label for a call-to-action button.
ctaSettings.urlType: String

URL to navigate to, when the call-to-action button is clicked.
variablesType: List

A list of variables that may be provided at time of video creation.
variables[].idType: String

The ID of the variable.
variables[].typeType: String

The variable type (for example, string).
variables[].valueType: String

If applicable, the default value of the variable. This applies for image and video variables.
createdAtType: Integer

UNIX timestamp representing the time template was created.
lastUpdatedAtType: Integer

UNIX timestamp representing the time template was last updated.
  "id": "1234-...", 
  "title": "Hello, World!", 
  "description": "This is my first template!", 
  "ctaSettings": { "label": "Click me!", "url": "https://www.synthesia.io" },
  "variables": [{
    "id": "background",
    "type": "image",
    "value": "synthesia.56b15d8a-261e-4683-9fe3-e4561c16a501"
  "createdAt": 1602512112, 
  "lastUpdatedAt": 1602512112