You can use the Update a video endpoint to make the video public and accessible via the share page or update its title and description.

JSON ParamsDescription
titleType: String

Title of the video to be shown on the share page.
descriptionType: String

Description of the video to be shown on the share page.
ctaSettingsType: Object

Settings for a call-to-action button.
ctaSettings.labelType: String

Label for a call-to-action button.
ctaSettings.urlType: String

URL to navigate to, when the call-to-action button is triggered.
visibilityType: String
Possible values: private, public
Default: private

Public videos will be visible to anyone with a share URL:{VIDEO_ID}.

Private videos can only be downloaded via a time-limited download link. See Retrieve a video for details.

Visibility can be changed also once the video is created via Update a video.