API Use Cases

Below are the 3 most common use cases for Synthesia API.

✅ Integrate Synthesia videos into your SaaS App

Have a sales outbound email app? A booking system? A modern e-learning platform? With Synthesia you can enrich your application with ability for your customers to send personalized videos based on different events.

An example integration: 7taps. They've enriched their LMS platform with ability to quickly create video courses by integrating with Synthesia.

✅ Generate Personalised Videos at scale

You can set up automated personalized videos throughout your customer lifecycle. This can be achieved via our API (requires coding) or via our Zapier app (requires no coding).

Here's a few example personalization use cases:

  • Sign up Videos
    Greet your new VIP signups with a personalized welcome message. Offer them a walkthrough or a demo as a next step.
  • Customer Onboarding Videos
    Automatically send personalized videos based on actions customers do in your product. You can use a custom presenter from your team.
  • Outbound Sales Videos
    Integrate personalised video creation in your outbound sales campaigns and supercharge your reply rates.
  • Visual Chatbots / Assistants Build
    Conversational experiences with video avatars. Or build learning apps with human-like instructors. Above example from iView.

✅ Create a big batch of videos

Use green screen background with Synthesia API and add custom backgrounds using FFMPEG library. For streaming the videos we recommend using mux.com. Pay attention to our rate limits.