This endpoint may be used to create a video based on a template created in Synthesia STUDIO. This is useful, for example, in creating videos to be used in automated workflows.


Synthesia API is not actively being improved

Synthesia API is in BETA. We currently don't provide any support for our API and do not guarantee any further active development.

JSON ParamsDescription
testType: Boolean

Describes if the video is a test video. Test videos do not count towards your quota but are rendered with a watermark.

Defaults to false.
templateId*Type: String

Unique identifier of the template from which to create this video. This may be retrieved from the templates page in STUDIO.
templateData*Type: Object

Set of key-value pairs where the key is the variable name defined in the template and the value is the variable value to be used in the video.

For image and video variables (for example, the background of a video), you may provide either the URL of the asset you'd like to use or the asset ID of a created asset.

All text variables are HTML escaped by default (e.g. & would become &amp). In order to prevent escaping of HTML use {{& variable}} syntax in script, text elements.
titleType: String

Title of the video (used on the video's share page).

Defaults to the template title.
descriptionType: String

Description of the video (used on the video's share page).

Defaults to the template description.
visibilityType: String

Describes the private settings of the video.

- If public, the video's share page is active.
- If private, the video's share page is not active; visitors will receive a 404 Not Found response.

Defaults to private.
callbackIdType: String

A callback ID that you may attach to the Video object. This is useful in the scenario where you need to store additional metadata on the video.
  "title": "Hello, World!", 
  "description": "This is my first synthetic video, made with the Synthesia API!",
  "visibility": "public",
  "templateData": {
    "name": "John", 
  "test": true,
  "callbackId": "[email protected]",